Saidah Nash Carter is a digital business native with a passion for value creation and the use of technology to create new opportunity for business and for humanity. She began her career with Reuters NewMedia during a period of transformative digital innovation and went on to build and launch some of the first online news services for early internet sensations like Yahoo! and AOL. She thrives pushing the boundaries of corporate thinking and business development through emerging technology, co-creation, and a focus on sustainability. She has an eye for identifying opportunities to stretch businesses to new frontiers while remaining connected the company’s core DNA and value proposition. This strength led her to design one of the first customer co-creation programs in Thomson Reuters resulting in a new way of approaching partnership and IP ownership and creating a pathway for richer collaboration with both customer and partner ecosystems. As SVP- Africa Innovation, she launched Thomson Reuters data science and innovation lab in Cape Town, one of seven innovation Labs globally and the only one in an emerging market. She is particularly proud of her team’s work delivering Thomson Reuters successful Africa Startup Challenge, Africa's first Intrapreneurship Conference, and her flagship initiative to bring financial inclusion to Africa’s small scale farmers - Bankable Farmer.

Today she leads Bright Insights Global (BIG), a boutique consultancy and expert network committed to helping companies do better business in Africa. BIG’s network expertise spans financial services, media, private equity, law, talent management, digital product and business development. BIG was formed out of a desire to design and accelerate forward thinking, purpose driven, globally competitive organizations that will drive sustainable economic development across Africa. She is also passionate about Africa’s Intrapraneur ecosystem and works to identify, connect and empower these thought leaders inside large corporations who are working to leverage innovation, inclusion and impact to make their companies more sustainable. She works in partnership with the global League of Intrapreneurs (, as League Catalyst for South Africa. Most Recent Awards & Recognition: 2017 Inspiring 50 Women in Tech, United Nations 2018 Voices of African Mothers Innovation Award, League of Intrapreneurs Global Fellow – 2019.

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